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The DHA Exam for Nurses

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) recently launched a new online exam for nurses. The DHA exam is designed to assess the knowledge and skills of nurses working in clinical settings in the UAE.

The DHA Exam for Nurses sample questions are an important step in ensuring that nurses are competent and up to date with the latest medical knowledge and techniques.

The exam is also an opportunity for nurses to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in a challenging and competitive environment.

To take the DHA exam through Prometric, nursing candidates need to register at www.dhaexam.com/dha-license/

If you are interested in taking the DHA exam , we recommend that you start preparing now. Here are some tips on how you can prepare for the exam:

  1. study up on the latest medical guidelines and practices – it’s important to be familiar with the latest treatments and procedures so that you can provide effective care for your patients.
  2. practice your clinical skills – make sure that you’re comfortable working in different settings and with different patients.
  3. be prepared for timed questions – the DHA exam for nurses

How to Prepare for Your DHA Exam for Nurses

In order to prepare for DHA Nursing Exam Questions , subscribe to MCQs from past exams and get highest chances to pass the exam in first attempt.

You can subscribe for MCQs from this URL: https://dhaexam.com/dha-nursing-exam-questions/

To prepare for the exam, you need to first familiarize yourself with the objectives and structure of the examination. The questions on the exam are based on NCLEX-RN content areas, so make sure you are familiar with these topics.

You will also need to study for the mathematics section of the exam. Finally, review your nursing knowledge and skills to make sure you are prepared for all test components.

If you have questions about preparing for the DHA Nursing Licensure Examination, please contact us

There is no single resource that offers comprehensive preparation for the DHA exam for nurses. In fact, there is no government or commercial organization that is dedicated to providing this type of guidance and support.

This makes the task of preparing for the DHA exam rather daunting and confusing for nurses who are looking to take it.

However, with the help of a well-informed guide, nurses can put together a solid foundation on which to build their exam preparation.

One such guide is The Complete Guide to the DHA Nurse Exam. This book was written specifically to help nurses prepare for the DHA exam.

It covers all aspects of the screening process, from identifying your strengths to mastering key concepts and skills. The book also includes questions and exercises that allow you to practice what you have learned.

For those who are looking for a more comprehensive approach to their DHA preparation, there are also online courses available. These courses provide everything from video lectures to interactive exercises.

They also provide access to user forums where you can ask questions and get feedback from other students.

No single resource offers a complete and comprehensive guide to preparing for the DHA exam for nurses. However, with the help of a well-informed guide , and a little bit of work, you should be able to pass the exam with flying colors.

DHA Nursing License Exam Categories

Nurses can apply for the following DHA License categories: –

  • DHA Registered Nurse License
  • DHA Assistant Nurse License
  • DHA Community Nurse License
  • DHA  Pediatric Nurse License
  • DHA  Mental Health Nurse License
  • DHA Critical Care Nurse License
  • DHA Neonatal Nurse License
  • DHA Home care Nurse License

DHA Exam Tests

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is currently conducting a Nurses Exam. Qualified nurses will be able to work in various health facilities across the city.

The Nurses Exam is an important step in becoming a registered nurse in Dubai. The exam is a multiple choice question format and will last for 3 hours.

Candidates who pass the exam will receive a Certificate of Completion. DHA Exam for Nurses

DHA Exam for Nurses Requirements

To qualify for the DHA exam for nurses, you will need to meet the requirements listed below.

To be eligible for the DHA exam, you must hold a current license as a registered nurse in the state where you want to take the test. You must also have at least two years of experience working as a registered nurse.

The DHA exam is a two-part test. The first part is a written test that focuses on knowledge of nursing care fundamentals. The second part is an oral interview test that evaluates your ability to communicate and work with patients.

How to register for DHA Exam for nurses

If you are a registered nurse who wants to take the DHA exam, there is no resource available to prepare for the DHA exam. You will need to find an authorized testing center and register for the exam.

Once you have registered for the exam, you will need to find an authorized testing center. There are a few authorized testing centers in the United States, and most of them offer online registration.

You can also contact your union or professional organization to find out if they have information about authorized testing centers in your area.

Once you have registered for the exam and found an authorized testing center, you will need to prepare for the test.

The DHA Exam for Nurses is a written test that contains 150 questions. You will need to study for the test and be prepared to answer questions on all of the topics covered in the DHA curriculum.


If you are looking for a challenging and informative exam to prepare you for nursing roles in Dubai, the Dubai Health Authority’s (DHA) registration examination is definitely worth taking a look at.

The DHA registration examination is a two-part test that covers both theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills.

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