DHA Nursing Exam Questions

DHA Exam Questions for Nurses – DHA Exam Syllabus for Nurses, DHA Nurses Exam Questions and Answers


DHA Exam

The DHA Nursing Exam Questions for Nurses is a fantastic way to help you study and prepare for your upcoming Dubai Health Authority Nursing Exam.

This question and answer contains a wealth of information that will prove invaluable to you as you work your way through the exam.

DHA Exam Resources The DHA Exam Question for Nurses is an essential tool for any nurse looking to take their career to the next level.

The Dubai Health Authority Exam for Nurses is a comprehensive and challenging exam that covers a broad range of topics essential for nurses working in Dubai. The exam includes questions on clinical care, professional ethics, and legal and regulatory issues. The DHA Exam for Nurses is an important step in ensuring that nurses in Dubai are well-prepared to provide high-quality patient care.

Dha Nursing Exam Questions

Exam Coverage:

  • Unit Management and Leadership
  • Fundamentals
  • Maternal
  • Child Nursing
  • Adult Nursing 

If you are a nurse who is looking to work in Dubai, you will need to take the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) Exam.

This exam is designed to test your knowledge of the Dubai healthcare system and your ability to provide care to patients.

The DHA Nursing Exam Questions for Nurses, Prometric Exam Questions for Nurses covers a wide range of topics, including medical conditions, treatments, and medications.

It is important to note that the DHA Exam is not a simple multiple-choice exam; you will need to show your understanding of the material by answering questions in a essay format.

The DHA Exam for Nurses is offered in both English and Arabic. If you are not a native speaker of either language, you will need to take the English version of the exam.

The DHA Exam is conducted four times a week, and you can register for the exam online through our DHA Licensing Services for Nurses.

Once you have registered for the exam, you will be given a login ID and password. You will use these to log in to the DHAExam.com website and practice for actual DHA Nursing exam.

The DHAExam.com website offers a practice exam, which will give you an idea of the types of questions you will be asked on the actual exam.

You will have 165 minute to complete the actual DHA Prometric Exam for Nurses. During this time, you will be asked a total of 150 questions.

These DHA Nursing Exam Questions for Nurses will be divided into four sections: –

Medical Conditions: In this section, you will be asked questions about common medical conditions that you may encounter in your work as a nurse.

Treatments: In this section, you will be asked questions about the various treatments available for medical conditions.

Medications: In this section, you will be asked questions about the various medications available for medical conditions.

Nursing Procedures: In this section, you will be asked questions about common nursing procedures.

After you have completed the DHA Exam, you will be given a score. A score of 55% or higher is required to pass the exam.

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No. of Questions: 150,

Duration: 165 minutes

Pass Score: 55%

If you do not pass the DHA Nursing Exam for DHA License, you will able to attempt again twice. There are total 3 attempts.

Bachelor degree in Nursing, 

Minimum two (2) years’ experience post qualification.