Dubai Health Authority Exam for Doctors

Everything You Need to Know about the Dubai Health Authority Exam for Doctors

Are you a doctor with dreams of practicing medicine in the vibrant and cosmopolitan city of Dubai? Look no further! The Dubai Health Authority Exam is your golden ticket to unlocking endless opportunities and establishing yourself as a trusted healthcare professional in this thriving emirate. 

Whether you’re curious about the exam’s format, eligibility criteria, or even just eager to learn why Dubai is the perfect destination for your medical career, we’ve got you covered. Join us as we dive into everything you need to know about the prestigious Dubai Health Authority Exam for doctors – because your journey towards success starts here!

Introduction to the Dubai Health Authority Exam for Doctors

The Dubai Health Authority – DHA Exam is a mandatory requirement for all doctors who wish to practice in the Emirate of Dubai. It is designed to ensure that healthcare professionals possess the necessary knowledge and skills to provide safe and high-quality medical care in accordance with international standards.

The DHA exam consists of two parts: the Prometric exam and the oral assessment. The Prometric exam evaluates a doctor’s theoretical knowledge, while the oral assessment assesses their practical skills and clinical competence. Both parts must be successfully completed in order to obtain a license from the DHA.

DHA Exam Eligibility Criteria for Taking the DHA License

In order to be eligible to take the DHA exam, doctors must fulfill certain requirements set by the DHA. These include:

  1. A valid medical degree from a recognized institution.
  2. A minimum of 3 years post-graduate clinical experience.
  3. A valid professional license or registration certificate from their home country or country of practice.
  4. Fluency in English language (spoken and written).
  5. Completion of Good Standing Certificate issued by previous regulatory authority/employer.
  6. Clear criminal record.

It is important for doctors to note that each specialty has its own specific eligibility criteria, which can be found on the DHA website.

Exam Format for Dubai Health Authority for Doctors

The Prometric exam comprises multiple-choice questions divided into two sections – Basic Sciences and Clinical Medicine – with a total duration of 3 hours and 30 minutes. The passing score for this part is 60%.

The oral assessment involves an objective structured clinical examination (OSCE), where candidates will have to perform tasks related to their specialty under observation by an expert panel. This part usually takes place over two days, with each day focusing on different aspects such as history taking, physical examination, communication skills, interpretation of investigations, etc.

Preparation for the Exam

Preparing for the DHA exam requires dedication and hard work. Apart from a thorough understanding of the medical concepts, it is crucial for doctors to be familiar with the healthcare system and practices in Dubai. This can be achieved by studying the DHA’s Code of Professional Conduct, Standard Guidelines, and Healthcare Laws.

Additionally, there are several review courses and study materials available online or through specialized institutions that can help candidates prepare for the exam.


The DHA exam is an essential step towards obtaining a medical license in Dubai. It ensures that doctors have the necessary knowledge and skills to provide safe and effective healthcare services in line with international standards. By understanding the eligibility criteria, exam format, and preparation strategies, doctors can confidently embark on their journey to becoming licensed healthcare professionals in Dubai.

Why is the DHA exam important for doctors?

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) exam is a crucial step for doctors who wish to practice in the Emirate of Dubai. This exam serves as a standardized assessment of a doctor’s knowledge, skills, and competence in their respective medical field. It is an essential requirement for obtaining a license to practice medicine in Dubai.

One of the primary reasons why the DHA exam is important for doctors is because it ensures patient safety and quality healthcare. As one of the leading global healthcare hubs, Dubai places utmost importance on maintaining high standards of medical care. 

The Dubai Health Authority Exam for Doctors serves as a means to ensure that only qualified and competent doctors are practicing in the city. By passing this exam, doctors demonstrate their understanding and proficiency in their chosen specialty, providing reassurance to patients that they are receiving top-notch medical care.

Moreover, passing the Dubai Health Authority Exam for Doctors also opens up numerous opportunities for doctors in terms of career advancement. With a valid DHA license, doctors can not only work at various government or private hospitals but also open their own clinics or be employed by prestigious medical institutions. 

This expands their professional horizon and gives them the chance to gain diverse experiences while contributing to the development of healthcare services in Dubai.

Additionally, taking and successfully completing the DHA exam also demonstrates a doctor’s commitment to ethical standards and continuous learning. The DHA examination covers all aspects of patient care, including clinical knowledge, ethics, laws, regulations, and cultural sensitivity. 

By preparing for this comprehensive test, doctors must stay updated with current medical practices and guidelines while adhering to ethical principles laid out by governing bodies like DHA.

Apart from these practical reasons, passing the DHA exam brings personal satisfaction and pride to aspiring doctors. It symbolizes all their hard work throughout medical school and showcases their dedication towards becoming successful healthcare professionals.

The DHA exam holds immense significance for doctors looking forward to establishing themselves as credible practitioners in Dubai’s competitive healthcare landscape. Not only does it ensure the safety and well-being of patients, but it also opens up various career opportunities while promoting ethical practices and continuous learning. Therefore, it is crucial for doctors to understand the importance of this exam and prepare diligently to achieve success in their medical careers.

Eligibility and Requirements for the Dubai Health Authority Exam for Doctors

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) Exam is a mandatory requirement for all doctors who wish to practice in the United Arab Emirates. It is a comprehensive assessment of a doctor’s knowledge, skills, and competency to ensure that they meet the high standards set by the DHA.

Eligibility for the DHA Exam:

In order to be eligible to take the DHA Exam, doctors must fulfill certain criteria set by the DHA. These include:

  1. Medical Qualification:
    The first and most important requirement is that the doctor must possess a valid medical degree from a recognized institution. This can be from any country, as long as it meets the standards set by the DHA.
  2. Work Experience: Doctors – General Practitioners or Specialists  must have at least three years of clinical experience post-qualification in their respective field of specialization.
  3. Good Standing Certificate: As part of the application process, doctors must also provide a Good Standing Certificate from their home country or any other countries where they have practiced medicine.
  4. Professional License: Doctors must hold an active professional license from their home country or any other countries where they have practiced medicine.

Requirements for the Dubai Health Authority Exam for Doctors:

Once deemed eligible to take the exam, doctors are required to submit certain documents and fulfill specific requirements before appearing for the exam. These include:

  1. Application Form:
    Doctors must complete and submit an online application form along with all necessary supporting documents including copies of their medical degree, work experience certificates, good standing certificate, and professional license.
  2. Registration Fee:
    A non-refundable registration fee must be paid when submitting your application form.
  3. Data Flow Report:
    As part of the screening process, all applicants are required to obtain a Data Flow Report, which is an official verification of their medical education and work experience.
  4. Exam Fee:
    Once the application is approved, doctors must pay the exam fee before appearing for the DHA Exam.
  5. Exam Venue:
    The DHA Exam is usually held at designated testing centers in Dubai or other international locations.

It is essential for doctors to carefully review and fulfill all eligibility criteria and requirements set by the DHA before applying for the exam. This will ensure a smooth application process and increase their chances of successfully passing the examination.

Exam Format and Structure

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) exam is a mandatory requirement for all doctors who wish to practice in the Emirate of Dubai. This comprehensive exam evaluates the knowledge and skills of medical professionals to ensure they meet the high standards set by the DHA.

The DHA exam consists of two parts – a computer-based written test and an oral assessment. The computer-based test is divided into two sections – clinical and non-clinical. The clinical section covers topics such as internal medicine, pediatrics, surgery, obstetrics & gynecology, emergency medicine, psychiatry, radiology, and laboratory medicine. On the other hand, the non-clinical section includes questions related to ethics, laws & regulations governing healthcare in Dubai, basic medical terminology, and patient safety.

The entire exam is conducted in English; however, candidates can request for translation services if needed. The duration of the written test is three hours for each section with a total of 150 multiple-choice questions. Candidates are required to answer at least 60% correctly in both sections to pass.

Once successfully passing the written exam, candidates move on to the oral assessment which evaluates their communication skills and practical knowledge. This segment includes interaction with standardized patients where candidates must demonstrate their ability to perform tasks such as taking patient history, conducting physical examinations accurately and efficiently while maintaining proper bedside manners.

It is essential for candidates to familiarize themselves with the format and structure of both parts of the DHA exam before appearing for it. One helpful resource is referring to previous years’ question papers or mock tests available online or through review centers that specialize in preparing students for this examination.

Moreover, it’s crucial for candidates to understand that there are no negative markings in this examination; therefore guessing an answer when unsure can be beneficial. However it’s important not to spend too much time on one question as there is a strict time limit for each section.

Understanding the exam format and structure is crucial for any candidate preparing for the DHA exam. A thorough understanding of the topics covered, as well as practicing with previous question papers or mock tests, can greatly increase one’s chances of passing this rigorous examination. So, it is essential for aspiring doctors to study diligently and prepare themselves thoroughly in order to successfully pass the DHA exam and begin their journey as a licensed medical practitioner in Dubai.

How to Prepare for the DHA Exam?

Preparing for the DHA exam can be a daunting task, especially for doctors who are already busy with their daily responsibilities. However, with the right approach and preparation, you can increase your chances of passing the exam on your first attempt. In this section, we will discuss some essential tips on how to prepare for the DHA exam.

  1. Understand the Exam Format:
    The first step in preparing for any exam is understanding its format. The DHA exam consists of 150 multiple-choice questions that need to be completed within three hours. The questions are divided into two sections – clinical and general medicine – each with 75 questions.
  2. Study Materials: It is crucial to have access to quality study materials when preparing for the DHA exam. You can refer to textbooks, online resources, or join preparatory courses offered by various institutions.
  3. Plan Your Study Schedule: Time management is key when preparing for any exam. Create a study schedule that suits your daily routine and stick to it religiously. Make sure you allocate enough time for each topic and take regular breaks to avoid burnout.
  4. Hone Your English Language Skills: As the DHA exam is conducted in English, it is essential to have a good grasp of the language before taking the test. Practice reading and comprehending medical texts in English as well as speaking and writing in English regularly.
  5. Practice Past Papers: Practicing past papers by can give you an idea about what kind of questions may appear on the actual exam and help you identify areas where you need more focus.
  6. Focus on High-Yield Topics: While studying all topics is important, make sure you give extra attention to high-yield topics such as common diseases and conditions encountered in clinical practice.
  7. Join Study Groups: Joining a study group with other doctors preparing for the DHA exam can provide a supportive learning environment where you can share knowledge, clarify doubts, and motivate each other.
  8. Take Mock Exams: Taking mock exams can help you assess your progress and identify weak areas that need improvement. You can find online resources or join preparatory courses that offer mock exams.
  9. Get Enough Rest: It is essential to get enough rest and sleep before the exam day. A well-rested mind will help you stay focused during the exam and perform at your best.

By following these tips, you can better prepare for the DHA exam and increase your chances of passing it on your first attempt. Remember to remain calm and confident during the exam, as a positive mindset can go a long way in helping you succeed. Good luck!

– Study materials and resources

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) exam for doctors is a rigorous assessment that tests the knowledge and skills of medical professionals who wish to practice in the United Arab Emirates. One of the key components of preparing for this exam is having access to high-quality study materials and resources. In this section, we will discuss everything you need to know about these study materials and how they can help you ace the DHA exam.

First and foremost, it is important to note that the DHA does not provide any official study materials or resources for the exam. This means that candidates must rely on external sources to prepare for the test. However, there are several reputable organizations and institutions that offer comprehensive study materials specifically tailored for the DHA exam.

One such resource is the DHA’s official reference book, “Medical Practitioners Licensing Examination (International),” commonly known as SMLE. This book covers all the major topics tested in the DHA exam and can serve as an excellent starting point for your preparation. It is recommended to thoroughly read through this book at least once before delving into other study materials.

In addition to SMLE, there are numerous online platforms and websites that offer practice questions, mock exams, and review courses designed specifically for the DHA exam. These resources can be incredibly valuable in helping you familiarize yourself with both the format of the test and its content.

It is also worth mentioning that many international medical textbooks cover similar topics as those included in the DHA exam syllabus. Therefore, it would be beneficial to review relevant chapters from these textbooks as well.

Moreover, attending live review courses or enrolling in online tutorials can greatly enhance your understanding of various concepts tested in the DHA exam. Some course providers even offer personalized coaching sessions where experienced tutors guide you through difficult topics and provide tips on how to approach different types of questions effectively.

Furthermore, joining online forums or discussion groups can give you access to a community of fellow candidates who are also preparing for the DHA exam. This can be an excellent way to exchange study materials, share tips and strategies, and receive support and encouragement from others going through the same journey.

Having access to comprehensive study materials and resources is crucial for excelling in the DHA exam. It is recommended to start your preparation well in advance and make use of a variety of resources to ensure you are fully prepared for this challenging assessment.

– Tips and strategies for studying

Tips and strategies for studying for the Dubai Health Authority Exam for Doctors:

  1. Start early and create a study schedule:
    The DHA exam covers a wide range of medical topics, so it is important to give yourself enough time to prepare. Create a study schedule that allows you to cover all the necessary material at a steady pace.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the exam format:
    The Dubai Health Authority Exam for Doctors consists of multiple-choice questions, practical clinical cases, and oral exams. Make sure you understand the format and structure of each section before starting your preparation.
  3. Use official study materials:
    The DHA provides official study materials such as textbooks, practice tests, and question banks which are tailored specifically for the exam. These materials are highly recommended as they are updated regularly to reflect any changes in the exam content.
  4. Join online forums or discussion groups: Connect with other doctors who have taken or are currently preparing for the Dubai Health Authority Exam for Doctors. You can share tips, resources, and support each other during the preparation process.
  5. Practice time management: Since there is a time limit for each section of the exam, it is crucial to practice managing your time effectively while answering questions. This will help you avoid getting stuck on difficult questions and ensure that you complete all sections within the given timeframe.
  6. Focus on weak areas: Identify your weaker subjects or topics and allocate more time to studying them. Pay extra attention to these areas by reviewing notes, practicing questions related to them, or seeking additional resources if needed.
  7. Take mock exams: Taking practice tests can help familiarize yourself with the types of questions asked in the actual DHA exam and assess your readiness for it. It also helps identify areas where you need more improvement.
  8. Utilize flashcards or mind maps: Visual aids like flashcards or mind maps can be helpful in memorizing key concepts or information quickly.
  9. Follow a healthy lifestyle: Taking care of your physical and mental well-being is essential during the preparation process. Make sure to get enough rest, exercise regularly, and eat a balanced diet to keep your mind and body in top shape.
  10. Stay positive and motivated: Preparing for any exam can be challenging, but it is important to stay positive and motivated throughout the process. Believe in yourself, trust your preparations, and visualize yourself passing the DHA exam with flying colors.

By following these tips and strategies for studying, you can increase your chances of success on the DHA exam for doctors. Remember to stay focused, dedicated, and diligent in your preparations. Good luck!

Registration Process

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) Exam is a mandatory requirement for all doctors who wish to practice in the Emirate of Dubai. This comprehensive exam is designed to assess the knowledge, skills, and competency of medical professionals in various specialties. In order to register for this exam, there are certain processes and fees that need to be completed. In this section, we will discuss the registration process and fees associated with the DHA Exam.

Dubai Health Authority Exam for Doctors Registration Process:

  1. Create an Online Profile: The first step in registering for the DHA Exam is creating an online profile on their official website. You will need to provide personal information such as name, contact details, and professional qualifications.

  2. Choose your Profession: Once you have created your profile, you will need to select your profession from the list provided. The DHA Exam is open to doctors from different specialties including General Practitioners, Specialists, Dentists, Nurses, Pharmacists, and Technicians.

  3. Submit Required Documents: After selecting your profession, you will be required to upload copies of your academic degrees/certificates along with a recent passport-sized photograph.

  4. Pay Registration Fee: The next step is paying the registration fee which can be done online through various payment methods such as credit/debit cards or e-wallets.

  5. Book Exam Date: Once your registration has been approved by DHA and your payment has been processed successfully, you can proceed to book an exam date according to your availability.

What to Expect on the Day of the Exam?

On the day of the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) exam for doctors, it is completely normal to feel nervous and anxious. After all, this exam is an important step towards obtaining a medical license in Dubai. However, with proper preparation and knowing what to expect on the day of the exam, you can ease your nerves and increase your chances of success.

Firstly, make sure to arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled exam time. This will give you enough time to check-in and get settled in the testing center. Once you check-in, you will be escorted to your assigned seat where you will have access to a computer with an internet connection.

Before starting the exam, there will be a short tutorial that explains how to navigate through the exam interface. Pay close attention to this tutorial as it will save you valuable time during the actual exam.

The DHA exam consists of two parts: a computer-based multiple-choice test (CBT) and practical clinical assessment (PCA). The CBT is divided into two sections: professional knowledge and clinical skills. The professional knowledge section covers topics such as general medicine, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics & gynecology, etc. while the clinical skills section assesses your ability to apply medical knowledge in real-life scenarios.

During the CBT, you will have four hours to answer 150 multiple-choice questions. It is important to pace yourself and allocate enough time for each question as there are no breaks during this part of the exam.

Once you complete the CBT section, there will be a short break before starting the PCA. During this break, it is recommended that you take some deep breaths and relax your mind before moving on to the next part of the exam.

The PCA consists of six stations where you will encounter simulated patients with different medical conditions. You will have 20 minutes per station to gather information from these patients using history taking and physical examination skills. It is important to be thorough and systematic in your approach to each station.

After completing the PCA, you will be done with the exam. However, do not rush out as there will be a brief survey for you to complete. This survey helps DHA improve their testing process and your feedback is valuable.

On the day of the DHA exam for doctors, expect a well-organized and structured assessment process. Be prepared, stay calm, and trust in your knowledge and skills. With dedication and hard work, success is just around the corner!

– Commonly asked questions

Commonly asked questions about the Dubai Health Authority Exam for Doctors


Taking and successfully passing the DHA exam is crucial for doctors who wish to work in Dubai. It is important to thoroughly understand all requirements and procedures to ensure a smooth and successful process.

The DHA exam is a standardized assessment conducted by the Dubai Health Authority to evaluate the qualifications and competency of healthcare professionals, including doctors, who wish to practice in Dubai. It is a mandatory requirement for all healthcare practitioners, regardless of their nationality or country of origin, to obtain a DHA license before they can work in any medical facility in Dubai.

Anyone who wishes to work as a doctor in Dubai must take the DHA exam. This includes both local and international medical professionals, regardless of their specialization or years of experience.

To be eligible to take the DHA exam, you must hold a valid medical degree from a recognized institution, have completed your internship and residency training program, and possess at least two years of clinical experience post-graduation. You must also have a good standing certificate from your previous employer and meet all other requirements set by the DHA.

The DHA exam is conducted several times throughout the year, with no fixed schedule. The exact dates are usually announced on the official website of the Dubai Health Authority around 3-6 months prior to each session.

The DHA exam consists of two parts: Part 1 – Computer-Based Test (CBT) and Part 2 – Oral Assessment/Practical Exam. The CBT covers topics such as clinical knowledge, general medicine principles, ethics and professionalism while part 2 involves an oral assessment or practical examination specific to your chosen specialty.

It typically takes around 3-6 months from registration until receiving your DHA license. The CBT results are usually released within 2-3 weeks, while the oral assessment or practical exam results may take up to 6 weeks.

The minimum passing score for both parts of the DHA exam is 60%. However, some specialties may have a higher passing percentage requirement.

Yes, there is a non-refundable application fee that must be paid at the time of registration for the DHA exam. The exact amount varies depending on your chosen specialty and can be found on the official website of Dubai Health Authority.

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